R.I.P. Dr. Molly Weeks: 1933-2014.

founder member and Executive Secretary, who bred bull-terriers for over 30 years. She travelled extensively in her role as Bull-Terrier Secretary, and was also a Winston Churchill Fellow, researching the role of Education and Animal Welfare, in addition to writing five books.

Her wisdom, experience and practicality will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

KAREN WHITCHURCH General dogsbody photographer and web-editor, is dog-mad, having grown up in a huge pack of feisty terriers. Has trained all her own dogs, with varying degrees of success!

Still missing Gentleman Jake (above left) and gorgeous Gus (above right) and currently owned by  the Monty, the Giant Schnautzer (see below for bio) and Arlo, the Hungarian wire-haired Vizsla. Karen also writes a monthly dog-related feature for the local community newspaper.

Meet Monty Schnautzer, club meeter-and-greeter and all-round reassuring presence. Likes cheese, and showing off.

Little bro Arlo is still learning the ropes, but tries really hard, despite his over-sized out-of-control legs.

ANN DIXON (above, with the late Buster, and Meg) has owned dogs all her life, and is especially experienced with Lurchers and Hounds. Ann also volunteers at the Hull Animal Welfare Kennels, and keeps bringing the inmates home! Currently living with Teazel, Riley, and Meg.

LYNDA DOWNIE, who is BIPDT-qualified, and has over 30 years' experience, is the HDOC instructor. She also runs puppy-socialisation classes for the Chestnut Veterinary practice, as well as offering  one-to-one consultations. Husband Roger ia happy to lend moral support, supervise any spare dogs and dispense treats. RIP Charlie (above) Lynda's grand old gentleman, who is sadly missed from our Tuesday night sessions.

Elaine Wood

(Seen here with Mckenzie) a fully-qualified dog-groomer, offers a comprehensive local service for all breeds (and cross-breeds!) To her right is Kamira, and to her left, brother Zeplin.

Also a BIPDT qualified instructor and canine behaviour consultant, Elaine has vast experience in assessing and training re-homed dogs. And she does like a challenge; hence her Thursday night classes are particularly aimed at disruptive, damaged and so-called 'difficult' dogs. (See also home-page.)

To contact Elaine: 01964-563230 or mobile: 07982636193

Lynda Downie

who is BIPTD qualified, has 30 years' experience in all aspects of dog-training, does one-to-one assessment and also finds time to run puppy-classes, is Hornsea Dog Owners' instructor. Husband Roger lends moral support and Charlie the demo-dog shows 'em all how it should be done!!

CONTACT LYNDA ON: 07974770954

Christine Corderoy (with Della & Rigger)

Has a lifetime's experience of dogs, especially greyhounds and German Shepherds. Is also a qualified spiritual animal-healer.



Puppy Classes

7pm-6.45pm on the first night


Older/Rescue Dogs



Catwick Village Hall
HU17 5PR
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